Consulting Engineer for

Machine Design Consultancy

M. Tech. (Mech.) Machine Design And Machine Design Consultancy

During Job Worked in following industries of repute before starting as a Consultant, Total experience in job being 17 years:
*XLO *NRB *Mechelonic *Electro Pneumatics.

Achievements in Job experience:
Designed Fully Automatic Barrel Welding Machine (First time in India). Designed several Robots. And providing Machine Design Consultancy to clients for a long time.
Out of them 6 axis D.C. Servo Robot won both PMT-CMTI Trust Award as well as FIE Foundation award in IMTEX ’86.
Designed following Special Hydraulic Presses:

  • 1000 T Hydraulic Press (with Quick Die Changing System).
  • CNC Powder Compacting Press.
  • 45 T CNC Punching Press.
  • 300T CNC Press Brake
  • 300T Tiling Press

Serving Machine Design Consultancy Services. Designed Family of CNC Tube Bending Machines.
Designed Flexible Manufacturing System to assemble valve.
Designed several Special Purpose Machines, Honing Machines, automation devices such as Pick and Place.

Experience As a Consultant:
I am having 20 years experience as a Consultant in Design and a Machine Design Consultancy. I have executed several projects successfully,
the work encompassing till successful trials of project. Following are the big projects completed:

  • Rail Flash Butt Welder: To join two rails by flash butt welding. Machine had sophisticated features like servo control
    for rail positioning as well as movement during welding.
  • 300T High-speed Triple action press for oil barrel component.
  • 500T Double action Deep Draw Press for kitchen sink.
  • 2000T Hydro-Tester for testing of pipes up to 2-meter diameter.
  • CNC Tube Bending Machine.
  • 100T Moving Bolster Press for Transformer Coil

Machine Design Consultancy

At our machine design consultancy, we enjoy mechanical engineering services and provide comprehensive machine design services to wide variety of industries. Our machine design consultancy accepts machine design challenges and converts a unique thought into extraordinary output.

We can design any kind of machine using your handmade sketches or drawings at our machine design consultancy. We have a team of experts and highly qualified machine designers who have vast experience in mechanical engineering. Our machine design consultancy also serve redesign and modification of any industrial equipment as per requested. Due to our Machine Design Consultancy, today we are a leading service provider of machine designs, committed to deliver you the best outputs. Our huge experience allows us to analyze production problems or needs to produce correct solutions for you. We deliver our machine design consultancyservices to all around the globe. We never compromise about quality in our machine design consultancyand that give us unique impression in outsourcing mechanical engineering industry.

Our machine design consultancy services include benefits that you will never get from any other resource. The Machine designs that we serve, are time and cost effective. With a maximum amount of quality, we work with experienced and qualified designers and use the best tools to design the machine. Machine Design Consultancy provides outputs that are generated in easily accessible format so that even making changes on your computer does not require much effort.

We are an industrial expert in the industry known for Machine Design Consultancy. In this, we efficiently and effectively create and increase the ideas through a system that leads to new products. We follow a systematic approach in which our machine designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, transforming them into tangible products. For this, we have manpower of highly qualified engineers, drafts men and CAS experts. These machine design consultancy is beneficial to every manufacturer; as he can witness all the aspects of its products, including its working, outline, results and many others. As an expert in machine design consultancy, we cater to the requirements of various industries.